ACAT 2008 Workshop


You can find the ACAT 2008 timetable here.

There will be no poster session. The posters will be in the coffee break area,  being visible during the conference. The format accepted by ACAT is A0.

Social Excursion and Social Dinner

The ACAT2008 Local Organising Committee is pleased to announces that the social excursion with Bus will take place on Wednesday Nov. 5th and that the social dinner will take place on Tuesday, Nov 5th after ~20:00.

IAC dinner will take place on Tue, Nov 4th.

Information about Erice

You can find more information about Erice and Erice tourism on these sites:

Parking in Erice: There is enough parking space, however the parkings are not close to the accomodations. You can bring the luggage to the hostels, but then you'll have to park the car and walk back to the hostel.