Computing Technology for Physics Research

  • Multilevel parallelism
  • Distributed computing
  • New architectures
  • High precision computing
  • Software quality control
  • User Interfaces, Common Libraries.
  • Online Monitoring and Control

 Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools 

  • Neural Networks and Other Pattern Recognition Techniques
  • Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms
  • Advanced Data Analysis Environments
  • Statistical Methods
  • Detector and Accelerator Simulations
  • Reconstruction Algorithms
  • Visualization Techniques

 Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics

  • Automatic Computation Systems: from Processes to Event Generators
  • Multi-dimensional Integration and Event Generators
  • Multi-loop Calculations and Higher Order Corrections
  • Intensive High Precision Numerical Computations: Algorithms and Systems
  • Computer Algebra Techniques and Applications